The GOP Tax Plan

It’s a tax plan for the middle class, the GOP says. But is it really? Dig a little further and that’s not what you will find. To pay for this boondoggle of a plan, the allegedly fiscally conservative Republicans are stripping away middle-class tax deductions for student loans, state and local taxes, capping mortgage deductions, as well as cutting Medicaid, Medicare and more. They end the estate tax that benefits the affluent, as if they cannot afford it. There are further erosions to the ACA (Affordable Care Act). Gone will be a provision that requires citizens to have health care or to pay a penalty. Some might say that’s good. Others will face doom and gloom. With millions of young, healthy people exiting the health care market, those who remain will pay even higher premiums, forcing them to possibly cancel their insurance. Public school teachers pay out of their own pocket for school supplies because the Republicans have stripped contributions to education. The current GOP will take away their ability to write off part of those expenses. And they won’t raise contributions to public education either. You can be assured they will, however, increase spending on war, prisons, and restrictions on abortion. The Republican party is on a roll to gut public education further by increasing vouchers to pay for charter schools, most of which are owned by wealthy Republicans. The plan to be voted on is a gift, as always, to the rich and to corporations who, you guessed it, are major donors to politicians. The Republican party is the recipient of many of these donations. The tax bill gives rights to the unborn, lets churches have the power to insert themselves into politics (now prohibited) and even more. Donald Trump is eager to score a win this year since so far, he’s accomplished nothing. No surprise here. The tax will add significantly to the multi-trillion-dollar deficit, a drag on our economy. I wonder why the Republicans are OK with deficits when they have the majority in Congress. If the Democrats proposed a similar spending bill that vastly increased the deficit they would surely vote it down. The Republicans are a party of hypocrites to say the least. They spend like drunken sailors then cut spending. It makes no sense whatsoever. Then of course there is defense spending and Donald Trump’s infamous wall at the southern border. He wants that wall built no matter the cost or the harm to the environment not to mention humans. He wants to spend more and more on the military. Where will all this money come from? Economists say his tax plan will not produce the results he promises. It is simply impossible. Unemployment is already at a historic low of 4%. Trump says it will produce more jobs. Where will the workers come from to fill those jobs since he doesn’t want immigrants? He’s already deporting immigrants by the thousands. Ending protection for Haitians, Nicaraguans and DACA recipients. The tax plan is a poorly thought out plan that even a high school economics class can figure out will not work. The American people deserve better. We are decent, hard workers who love our country. We care deeply about our families, our friends and neighbors. We work hard to clean up the environment with or without government help and lately it’s been without help from the Feds. We are concerned about the fate of unwanted animals and endangered species. We offer help to the needy. We pray well together. We want to live in peace. We don’t want more war. I love my country but am ashamed of my government and the people who helped elect Donald Trump. I wake up every morning praying and hoping he hasn’t started the end of the world. That’s a distinct possibility. As for the tax plan, it’s another of his fiascos that will not make America great. We already were without help from him.


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