I haven’t said much about 45 lately

I haven’t said much about 45 lately although every day I am embarrassed by his words, deeds, and actions. My opinion of his supporters is about what I feel about for roach powder. I don’t like it and I don’t like them. I am still aghast that someone of lowest intelligence and with the morals of a flea is the president of the USA. I once thought of our country as the greatest in the world. Our president, Democratic or Republican, had the highest standing among world leaders. We were admired, even if we didn’t always deserve it. Now we are mocked, we are laughed at, made fun of for electing Donald Trump as president. Saturday Night Live and other comedians draw huge ratings for their hilarious portrayals of the clownish buffoon sitting in the oval office. Cartoonists depict him as the moronic figure he is. There are dozens of Facebook pages devoted to 45, calling him names like disgusting pig (which of course he is). Moving beyond his childish, immature behavior on Twitter where he makes a fool of himself daily, there are grave concerns. He is no doubt a dim-wit, we all know what. There are millions of idiots who still support him too for degrading our environment, for upsetting our social service network, for his assault on immigration, and I could do on, but what’s the point? Any literate person is aware of the serious injuries he’s caused not just to the USA but to the rest of the world. He’s held back money from valuable UN programs. He pulled the USA out of international treaties and there may be more to come (think of NAFTA). He is dangerously close to bringing death and destruction to millions in East Asia (the Korean Peninsula and Japan) because of his petulant and downright inane comments to North Korea’s leader. Granted, North Korea is a hermit kingdom with a wacky leader but Trump is pushing them closer to the edge. He doesn’t have to be such a bully. The whole world will suffer if Trump launches a nuclear bomb. Mrs. Clinton warned us of the catastrophic danger of putting the nuclear codes in Trump’s hands but voters didn’t seem to think that was a problem. I guess they never saw footage of the devastation caused by the hydrogen bombs that leveled Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I wish I did. To attain world peace, we need a leader with a strong, powerful voice to unite us. Sadly, that is not Donald Trump and never will be. The GOP, with the exception of a few, support this crazy man. Wow, are we in trouble. We Americans should worry about Trump’s tax plans ruining our economy. There is no logical sound way to slash taxes and spend like a drunken sailor on national defense and border as Trump and company continue to do. If Trump wants a border wall then let him pay for it. He’s allegedly a business man with connections. Let’s see them. I hope I live to see 2020, without nuclear devastation, and a new president in office, one who will restore sanity to America. We’ve lost our minds to think Donald Trump can do anything but continue to bring us more heartaches.



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