It’s not a disrespect to the flag

Former San Francisco 49-Niner Colin Kaepernick started the trend last year when he refused to stand for the traditional pledge of allegiance at the start of a football game. Why? He said it was in protest to police brutality and discrimination against African Americans. If Donald Trump won’t dismiss violence by neo Nazi’s then why can’t football players and other athletes take a stand against discrimination? None of the athletes, some of whom served in the military, said nothing untoward against the flag. They in fact support and love the USA. What they object to (and so do I) are the flagrant fouls committed by President Donald J. Trump who day after day, week after week, month after month, since his election, has committed against the USA. I need not repeat what they are. If you aren’t aware of them, shame on you. The unity demonstrated by the NFL on Sunday was impressive. It is a sign that the country can unite behind a common goal to demand decency from ourselves and respect from the president who governs us. We do not need a leader who sends out insulting tweets of a childish, boorish nature. We do not need a president who is unnecessarily taking us closer to nuclear Armageddon. We do not need a leader who insults our allies and pushes them further away from us. We do not need a leader who refuses to follow the rule of law. We do not need an impulsive leader who threatens to rip up treaties signed with other countries (that took years of hard work) because he deems them unfit. We do not need a leader who is dishonest, bigoted and thoughtless. Yet that’s what we have. Every day Trump tosses out a basket full of disgrace for us to sort through. As good decent people, we hold our heads high, try not to become too discouraged or angry, and make it through another day without breaking news that Trump started World War III. I am solidly behind the NFL and all other groups who stand up to the bully in chief. We’ve had enough. We are Americans who help each other in times of need. We are better than the America Donald Trump has given us. Remaining silent isn’t part of my nature. Speaking up and voting may be all I can do to stop the spread of Donald Trump’s misguided agenda but it’s worth my time. Maybe if more Germans had risen up against Hitler, he would’ve been stopped in his tracks. Maybe, I don’t know. I love the USA and if it means kneeling at a football game, then so be it.


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