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America is already great Mr. Trump


I really hate writing about Donald Trump. Really, I do. There are other subjects so much more interesting to me than him. But for reasons I still don’t understand, he ended up as the 45th president. Gasp, gasp. From day one when he was inaugurated, he has not just disappointed me but he has frightened as well as revolted me. I fear his brash, reckless and impulsive behavior will ignite a major war, perhaps even a nuclear one, God forbid. As a nation, we are isolated from our once reliable allies, Germany, Mexico and Canada to name a few. Mr. Trump’s tweets are not fact based nor are the statements he issues. He continues his assault on the free press. There does appear to be solid evidence that he colluded with Russia to win the election. Some of his advisors have known ties to right wing neo Nazi organizations. Shame on this. His attacks on the environment are unprecedented. Climate change is real. He bashes Muslims, immigrants, gays Blacks, and others with a smirk on his face that shows a disgusting sense of misplaced pride. I could go on but what’s the point. America under Mr. Trump is scary. The government is in shambles. Late night talk show hosts often joke about Mr. Trump but in reality we should all be afraid, really afraid, for the health, safety and security of our country. His absurd ideas for tax reform are even rejected by Republican economists as unreasonable. He has no ideas for a sound replacement for the Affordable Healthcare Act. He talks about a public/private infrastructure partnership but offers not a single blueprint to make it work. The cost would be staggering and he has no idea how to pay for it. Business leaders beg for immigration reform and he comes up with nothing substantive, just punitive plans to satisfy the hard right. To all of you who voted for Mr. Trump, I ask you why? Why did you vote for him? Why? I believe in the two-party system. I look at Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea to reinforce my decision. But the only way to make government work is compromise. Compromise seems like a dirty word these days. Donald Trump prides himself as the ultimate deal maker. I hardly doubt that. His deal-making skills are crushing the very core of America. We are better than him and his supporters. We cannot let him and the unapologetic bigots who rally around him take down what we have worked so hard to build up. Ours is a country based on diversity, a sense of pride, giving and community. We don’t need him to make us great. We already were. His presidency offers us an opportunity to unite or be defeated by the poison he’s feeding us. Reject and resist the Trump agenda.