I am ashamed by Donald Trump


And I’m not afraid to say it either. Donald Trump makes the American voter look like a bunch of nincompoops. With all our esteemed colleges and universities, Nobel prize winners, respected hospitals, engineering accomplishments, respected economic forecasts, etc. how could a man of the lowest morals and intelligence win the presidency in the most powerful nation? I scratch my head and ask that question every day. He won by rallying a group of disgruntled, unemployed, listless, disjointed and racist voters let down by a Congress with more allegiance to private interests than voters. People wanted change but change in DC won’t come overnight. Political polarization evolved over years and it won’t be undone overnight, as Trump promised. It happened because we Americans let it happen by not voting, not caring, and ignoring what politicians were doing. We let them get away with way too much. We demanded too little of our elected officials. After years of income inequality, the loss of good paying jobs, the staggering rise of privatization of health care, education, prisons, etc. and outsourcing of jobs overseas Americans started to wake up. The loss of so many lives in Iraq and Afghanistan also jolted a few people into awareness that perhaps the American government wasn’t looking after us. Corporations and the affluent really are who they care about. The poor, children, elderly, disabled, and animals cannot afford lobbyists. The big boys get the fresh loaf of bread. Everyone else, if they’re lucky, may get the crumbs.


After hectoring his Democratic rival with promises to lock crooked Hillary up, he then vowed to drain the swamp. What has happened since then? Trump’s cabinet is filled with inept, incompetent and often avowed racist people who have no idea what they’re doing. They lack experience (yes that does count for high level cabinet posts). Trump cannot be bothered with running the most powerful military in the world with nuclear bombs that can wipe out all of humanity so he delegates the responsibility to a group of generals. To satisfy the right-wing Christians who voted for him, (why, I’ll never know because Trump is so un-Christian) he tossed them a few crumbs like cutting out funding for the UN population control program. He continues his well-known and widely known disdain for Muslims. On his campaign, he spat out nasty vile words about Muslims. He followed up with with a travel ban. So far, the courts have blocked him. Instead of respecting the separation of powers as other presidents both Democratic and Republican have, Trump lashed out on Twitter at judges calling then incompetent. He vows to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court. Trump stripped protection from the LGBT community too. He is largely silent when there is violence committed against Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Latinos or gays. Trump goes on to insult our allies such as Australia, Germany, Mexico and the UK. He continues to pursue a foolish and idiotic plan to build a wall between the USA and Mexico, one of our largest trading partners. He does not realize such a wall will not stop desperate people trying to reach the USA. Further, a wall will be wasteful spending that will invite dozens of lawsuits from people whose land will have to be confiscated. There is also an Indian reservation in the way and the tribe has said over their dead bodies will Trump build a wall through their land. A wall is a dumb, ridiculous idea from an equally dumb, ridiculous man. Trump’s whole agenda has no merit. His tax plan will sink the USA into a recession because it will add trillions to our national debt. He wants to slap a border tax on imported goods to spur domestic manufacturing. It is DOA, dead on arrival. A border tax will not encourage manufacturers to re-open closed factories. Companies moved jobs overseas for a simple reason – to save money. Why pay an American worker $15 an hour plus benefits when they can pay a worker in Bangladesh $2 a day? Do the math Mr. Trump. Plus, a border tax will nearly kill the retail industry already reeling from internet giants like Amazon. Brick and mortar stores like Macy’s, Sears, etc. have shed workers and closed stores. A border tax will force more closures. Trump’s agenda is perilous for the USA. His foreign policy agenda is dangerous for the rest of the world. We should all hope and pray he doesn’t start a world war, which is a real possibility with his meddling in the already tense Middle East. Keep on top of the news as depressing as it may be. Write, fax, call or email your representatives in Congress. Let them know you are watching. Don’t be silent. Under this administration, we just cannot afford to. Our lives depend on it. America is beautiful Mr. Trump, please stop ruining it.



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