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Fraying at the seams

I haven’t said much lately about #45. In fact, I’ve stayed off Facebook too. The news every day is all about #45 and none of it is good. I hardly know what’s happening in the rest of the world and there’s plenty of worthwhile news. At home, it’s all about the war against the poor, environment, wildlife, Muslims, immigrants, gays, liberals, you name it. I am totally befuddled how anyone can still support this man and his administration. They seem to derive pleasure at destroying the USA and it sickens me to my very core. I’ve never been so ashamed, embarrassed and frightened to be American as I am now. Not only are they picking apart our country but other nations too. I honestly believe that #45 won the election with help from his Russian cronies but more so because of an underlying hatred that lurks throughout the USA. While most people just want to get along for the sake of getting along, there is a deep worrisome hatred that is festering and growing. Not many people even talk about it but it is there. The hatred exists for Muslims, Jews, Latinos, Blacks, gays, immigrants and liberals. #45’s supporters cheered at campaign stops as he called for Mrs. Clinton to be hung. Some urged that she be killed. Men, women and even children rallied around #45 as he urged beatings for Black, Muslim or Latino protesters. I honestly believe that #45 won because of his supporters’ disdain for others different from themselves. He sucked up their fears because many were too ignorant to venture outside themselves and associate with a Latino or a Muslim. They believed #45 that it was immigrants who stole their factory jobs and not corporate greed. Why should a corporation pay an American $10 an hour when they found a Chinese worker to take $10 a month? They believed #45 that he would kick the bums off welfare when in fact corporations take a huge chuck of corporate handouts. If #45 hadn’t stirred up so much arrogance, hatred and disgust the USA wouldn’t be fraying at the seams right now. I have no faith in our government to do anything responsible for people, animals or the environment. The only beneficiaries will be corporations and the affluent. The theory of trickle down is a joke. Trickle down won’t help me pay the rent. I pray daily that #45 will not start a major war or launch a nuclear weapon. Next year, 2018, is a mid-term election. Every seat in the House of Representatives will be up for grabs so will some seats in the Senate. If you read this and are a US citizen, please make sure you are registered to vote. I urge you to vote out the Republicans. And in 2020 we must not re-elect #45. In the meantime, keep up the pressure on your Congressional representatives. Call, write or fax. It’s our country and only we can save ourselves from this madness.


If being a Republican means…

If being a Republican means taking away a hot meal from a home bound senior then I don’t want to be one. If being a Republican means eliminating funding for legal assistance for the poor, disabled and elderly, then I am not interested in their party platform. If being a Republican means taking away heating assistance for low income people most of whom hold a job, then I consider them heartless and cruel. If being a Republican means ending funding to clean up toxic spills, then I have no interest in their messages. If being a Republican means the end of disaster aid for our friends in other countries, then I deem them without morality. If being a Republican means no more funding for the arts, then I consider you unworthy of my vote – ever. If being a Republican means depriving cities and towns of transportation funding then I consider them narrow minded and short sighted. If being a Republican means puffing out their chests and smiling with glee at depriving Americans of health care, then I cannot print what I think of them. I won’t stoop to their level of indecency. If being a Republican means cutting taxes for the rich while continuing to bleed the poor and working class, then I consider them without a shred of decency. If being a Republican means shifting money from human services to needlessly build up the military then I will devote all my energy into political campaigns next year, 2018, for Democratic candidates. Democrats are not perfect, they make mistakes, but they do not show the same level of cruelty, heartless and ruinous behavior that Republicans are demonstrating towards the American people. That the Republicans can publicly admit to cutting off Meals on Wheels, which for some is their only meal of the day, as necessary crossed the line for me. In all the years I have followed the news I have never read anything as utterly ruthless as this. I encourage anyone who reads this to vote out the GOP next year. They are not worthy of the office in which they service. Number 45 is making America hate, hurt and harming us beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. If you are not registered to vote, please do so. Don’t let number 45 shatter us to smithereens like he’s ruined his businesses. We deserve better than what he and the GOP Congress are foisting upon us.

Surviving the tweety presidency

Surely that’s not an easy task but I shall do my best to digest the rubbish emanating from the White House. A president is supposed to have the nation’s best interests at heart. I wonder what happened because #45 and those who proudly call themselves conservatives (whatever that means) seem focused on picking apart America. Why do they wear little American flag pins on their lapels when it seems they’re doing the work of Satan himself? Take the destruction of the environment as an example. Why allow the dumping of coal ash into streams and rivers? What did fish ever do to them? Or the people who live nearby? What an utterly toxic move to make. Then of course there was the barbaric move to allow hunters to shoot and kill hibernating bear cubs and wolf pups on federal lands in Alaska. How cruel and callous is that? What kind of man or woman can actually have the heart to shoot a sleeping animal that poses no threat? Obviously some do and take pleasure from such an audacious act. It couldn’t have been done without you Republicans. Number 45 has also signed orders banning Muslims from a handful of nations from entering the USA, which provoked a nationwide backlash. Protests sprang up at airports across the nation demanding that refugees be allowed to enter the USA. Number 45 wants “extreme vetting” but refugees are already subjected to years of interviews, background checks, fingerprints and more before they are allowed entry. I don’t know what else he wants? Personally, I think his actions are nothing more than a cheap trick to bolster his tough guy image. Then of course there’s more and more. Too much to keep up with really. Number 45 signed an executive order that allows the mentally ill to purchase firearms. Wasn’t it a mentally ill man who, without mercy, shot and killed 26 first grade children and their teachers at a school in Connecticut in 2012? Americans have a far greater chance of being injured and/or killed by an American man with a firearm than by a terrorist from one of the Muslim nations on number 45’s ban. Who can ignore the Russian connections? The evidence is stacking up against number 45 that Russia intervened in the November election so that he won. Why not appoint a bi-partisan, independent commission to study the series of exchanges? Seems like a reasonable request to me. Moving on to the ignorant statements made by his cabinet members like Ben Carson who said slaves were immigrants. What a dumb ass thing to say. Slaves were forcibly brought here, against their will, worked from sun up to sun down under harsh, unforgivable conditions and treated like cattle. There is no need for a wall between the USA and Mexico, and surely Mexico will not be bullied into paying for it. Mexico is one of our most valued trading partners. Number 45 has insulted our allies, our friends. Number 45’s plans to impose an import tax of 20% will damage not help our economy. I could go on and on but what’s the point? Even I sometimes fret too much about number 45 and his inability to govern, his woeful choices of advisers, and his dreadful attitudes towards Muslims, women, Mexicans, and just about anyone who is not a right wing nut job like him. So why do I worry so much? Simple. I love the USA. I always have. My heart aches to see the spread of vitriol and hatred against so many groups, namely Muslims, Jews, immigrants, Blacks, gays, you name it. All of us have been subject to some kind of harassment, intimidation, and sadly even violence because number 45 tolerates it. He made bigotry acceptable as does his team of far right advisers. We are Americans and we are better than the dirt that number 45 dishes out. We are far more honorable than what the GOP offers such as proudly depriving us of health care, a clean environment, protection for wildlife, a needless increase in military spending, assaulting public education, and the apparent unwillingness to spread peace and unity among all Americans. We are all in this together with or without them. My guess is we’ll go on without their guidance because it’s not being offered anyway. That’s OK. We shall survive and even thrive because we have real values they apparently do not.