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America deserves better

Expanding our nuclear arsenal? Whatsoever for? The USA has the most sophisticated, far-reaching, dangerous and expensive nuclear weaponry in the world. Not only can we obliterate the Earth but we can extinguish the entire solar system in just the push of a few buttons. Yet Donald Trump isn’t satisfied. He wants more. What a terrifying, frightening idea that has the potential to end life as we know it. The human round ups have begun. Millions of immigrants are here illegally and working. Why are they here illegally and working? It’s simple. The USA won’t allot enough unskilled work permits but yet their labor is sorely needed in farms, factories, hotels, slaughterhouses, etc. The GOP alleges it is all about family values. Rubbish. Instead of enacting immigration reform and find a compromise to the 11 undocumented living and working here, it would rather break up families instead. In addition to the round ups and deportations, the GOP has slashed legal immigration to the USA. Perhaps in their haste to appear “strong” they haven’t given much thought to the economy. Who will fill jobs traditionally taken by immigrants, such as porters, maids, housekeepers, taxi drivers, nurse’s aides, cashiers, farm workers, etc.? Just saying, that’s all. Trump promises to be the greatest jobs president ever. Well, he didn’t say which way the jobs would go, hiring or firing. In some fields, the losses have already begun. Workers in the resettlement field are either losing their jobs or are looking for jobs. Trump and his GOP gang have curtailed immigration and cut funding to resettlement agencies. Trump’s plans to impose a 15% import tax will have disastrous results too. Instead of bringing back manufacturing jobs (which it won’t) American consumers will pay more at the check-out counter for food, clothing, and electronics. Retailers like JC Penny, Macy’s, and Sear’s, already struggling to stay alive against on-line competitors like, will feel the pinch because they’ll simply pass on the import tax to consumers who may hedge at paying a higher price. More jobs will be lost as consumers shop on-line. Trump and the GOP have attacked the environment too, wiping out protections against animals, rivers and streams. To show their bravado, the GOP will now let hunters kill sleeping bear cubs and wolf pups on federal land in Alaska. How manly is that I ask? Of course, as expected, Trump is showing his disdain for the Mexicans by demanding they pay for a wall between our two nations. Mexico said no way. Good for them. Don’t be bullied. But Trump wasn’t done yet. He rolled back regulations that protected us from high flying bankers, you know, the greedy avaricious men and women who brought us the 2007-08 recession based on worthless back mortgage backed securities? You surely remember when millions of Americans not only lost their homes but their jobs. In some cases they even lost their pets. Trump isn’t done protecting his friends, the ones who contributed to his campaign. He’ll increase private prisons, the places where rights are violated, riots occur and tidy profits are made for the owners. Then of course there’s more. Trump attacks the free press, Muslims, Jews, women, gays, public education, public television, and what else am I leaving out? He’s ripping our country apart and the GOP largely remains silent. I can’t sit by while Trump and company pick apart our beautiful country and I hope you won’t either. Call, write, fax or email your representatives in Congress. Don’t let him stain and sully everything that we’ve worked so hard to achieve. We don’t need a dictatorship in this country. There are plenty of them around. Resist and reject the Trump agenda.



Donald Trump’s war on America

Trump’s campaign promise was to make America great again. Republican voters and probably a few Democrats soaked up his embellished brouhaha that I find odd and perplexing. During his campaign speeches he boasted about beating people up, the evil Hillary Clinton, building a big, beautiful wall between the USA and Mexico that of course he would force Mexico to pay for, and on day one, he would deport undesirables, you know the people who cut our lawns, work on construction sites in the blistering Arizona summers and pick lettuce in the fields. So what do we really have from Donald Trump? He claims to have inherited a mess from President Obama. What rubbish. He’s made a mess out of the USA in no uncertain terms. Dozens of lawsuits have been filed against executive orders he signed. Trump has insulted our allies. The entire GOP delegation has vowed to undo the Affordable Care Act. If it’s so dreadful, why not improve it? So far their ideas for a replacement are tax free health savings accounts. In other words, pay for it yourself. Keep in mind their government sponsored health care and benefits remain intact. The GOP gleefully wants to cut funding for the arts, let hunters slaughter wolf pups on Federal land in Alaska, and let oil and gas companies drill on protected sacred land. Wait, that’s not all. There’s more. Trump’s not really all that interested in improving public education. He saddled us with the voucher queen and clueless Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. Nor does he care about equality either. He chose the racist and voter suppression leader Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. For advisor he picked Steve Bannon or Breitbart News, a champion of the far right, you know the people who hate Muslims, Jews, gays, Democrats, and just about anyone who isn’t a right wing hatemonger like them. Trump and his GOP loyalists with pride will undercut the Dodd Frank act meant to protect us from unscrupulous Wall Street hacks that caused the 2008 crash. Remember that? Of course you do. That’s when the high flying bankers manipulated the stock market with worthless mortgage backed securities causing the near collapse of the US economy. Millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes and even their pets. Some committed suicide out of desperation. We couldn’t have done it without you Senator Mitch McConnell and company. The EPA which has long kept our water and air safe from pollutants is about to be undone by Scott Pruitt, the former OK attorney general who has sued the EPA. The world is at a tipping point, in a crisis mode. The USA contributes a considerable amount to greenhouse gases which are depleting the ozone layer. We cannot afford to close our eyes to climate change yet Trump doesn’t even believe it exists. Trump’s economic plans are warped. They cannot be implemented without disastrous results. Even a six year old with a sharp mind can figure that out. There is no way to drastically slash taxes, spend trillions on the military, fix infrastructure as only he thinks he can, and balance a budget. It simply cannot be done. His foolish plans to impose a 15% border tax on imported goods will do nothing to stop jobs from ending up overseas where labor is cheaper. It will force Americans to pay more for everything from cabbage to computers. Retailers already struggling from internet competition may just end up closing down. Donald Trump has no sound, reasonable viable plans for anything except to spend money on his own over-inflated ego. He’s been on vacation at least three times while only in office since the beginning of January. Americans made a terrible mistake electing him. I hope you realize that. Our country was great. You fools who said yes to the snake oil salesman were taken for a ride. Do you honestly feel safe knowing Donald Trump has the controls to our massive nuclear arsenal? How could you vote for this maniac? How could you?



Taking a stand against Donald Trump

No other president has ever threatened the USA like Donald Trump. Not other president has endangered the world order like Donald Trump. I make no apologies for my views. I love the USA. I always have and always will. Donald Trump’s cabinet is composed of liars, billionaires, bankers, racists, and people totally out of touch with the average American citizen. They hold extreme views on Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, women, the environment, labor laws, animals, consumer rights, gays, and the list goes on. Trump’s plans to slash taxes, vastly increase the military, spend trillions on infrastructure, abandon treaties among other plans will not in any way boost our economy. His idea that Mexico will pay for a wall between our nations is nothing but folly. He has insulted some of our trusted allies. It does not take an economist or an MBA holder to figure that Trump’s plans are rubbish. Anyone who is literate and reads current events can figure this out. His plans to allegedly make America great simply cannot be done without disastrous results that will lead to inflation or worse a recession. Trump has already backpedaled on some of his promises. On others he has pushed full steam ahead like deporting maids, housekeepers, gardeners, etc. Some of you will say they committed a crime because they worked under falsified documents. Pity them, they worked picking our fruit, cleaning our toilets, or washing laundry in our hospitals. Crimes indeed. During World War II citizens committed crimes while hiding Jews from the Nazis. During slavery days in the USA, Whites committed crimes helping slaves to escape to freedom. Shall we condemn these people too for their heroic acts? Hardly not. Donald Trump is totally unfit to serve as president of the USA. I still cannot fathom how anyone voted for him. I didn’t vote for George Bush either. In fact, I worked tirelessly on John Kerry’s 2004 campaign to unseat him. Eventually, I accepted that Bush won fair and square in 2004. His presidency didn’t alarm me nearly as much as Donald Trump’s. I fear for our economy. I worry about our environment. I fret about animals. I am terrified he will start a dangerous war because of his stupidity and impetuous behavior. Bush at least had the intelligence to surround himself with qualified people like General Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. Donald Trump has surrounded himself with racist, right wing extremists who are a menace to society. How to survive these troubling times? Attend protests. Write letters to the editor of your local paper. Contact your elected officials. Do not remain silent. Stick together. United we stand. We can do this. The future of our country depends on resistance.