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Why we oppose Donald Trump

Why we oppose Donald Trump and don’t tell us to get over it

Voters rejoice or protest after almost all presidential elections not just in the USA but around the world. Eventually, voters settle down and accept the majority’s choice. The 2016 US presidential election is a vast aberration from previous elections because of Donald J. Trump. Is it because he’s not a seasoned politician? Of course it is not. Ronald Reagan, a former actor, and Dwight Eisenhower, a decorated general, weren’t career politicians either and they were beloved presidents. Trump, on the other hand, is a self-centered, egotistical blowhard with a history of bankrupt businesses and aggrieved clients who filed dozens of lawsuits against him. He’s also a womanizer with a history of making gross, filthy and disgusting statements about women. He insulted Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, Jews, gays, disabled people, and yes the Pope. Now there’s strong evidence from the intelligence community (FBI and CIA) that Russia engaged in dirty tricks to see that Trump won the election. Donald Trump by the way is a good friend of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Although it cannot be absolutely proven that Russia interfered with voting results (although such proof may later surface), we’re stuck with Donald Trump and his ultra conservative, hugely wealthy, and nearly all male White team. He seems to have forgotten his pledge to work for all the American people, a diverse culture of White, Black, Asian, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islanders and mixed races. The diversity spreads further among Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, atheists and others. Trump’s cabinet in no way reflects the make-up of the true America. It represents those he surrounds himself with who are White wealthy conservative men. Donald Trump has an appalling lack of humility, a disgraceful regard for the poor, and utter contempt for immigrants especially those of Latino and Muslim heritage. He has shamed Jews and disabled people with tasteless jokes that only a crude or totally insensitive rube would have the gall to say in public. He bragged during the campaign trail that only he could fix the USA. We need real solutions to our problems not Donald Trump’s empty promises to make America great again. What kind of narcissistic behavior is this? We already are a great nation. Trump just never noticed. I’m tired of being lambasted by Trump. I hope you are too. We are not a nation of criminals, thieves and unemployed beggars waiting for the Donald to save us. If he came down to Earth, took a heavy dose of humility and shed his two ton ego he just might accomplish something worthwhile as other presidents have, both Democrat and Republican. Will that happen? I doubt it. I suspect we’re in for a rough ride with an inept cabinet making poorly thought out decisions about housing, health care, transportation, national parks, energy, banking and the overall economy. He already started off by wanting to squash the National Endowment for the Arts, which to me is a terrible decision. We all benefit from the arts. If that’s any indication of what a Trump presidency will be like, brace yourselves for more protests. Trump wants to back out of NATO, scrap other important treaties and make America go it alone. That’s all foolishness. Climate change is real. We need our allies. They need us. Plan to put back on those walking shoes and get out and march. March for our lives. March for our sanity. March for our country. March for peace. March against nuclear proliferation. March to save ourselves from the insanity of a Trump administration because he has no idea how to run a successful business and he has no idea how to run the USA. If he was such a successful business man why have thousands of lawsuits been filed against him? If he had any idea of how to be president, millions of people would not be out in the street protesting against him in the USA and around the world. That has never happened before and by the grace of Allah it never will. If you are not registered to vote, please make sure you do. Donald Trump must be a one term president for the sake of ourselves, our families, our friends and our children.





The Trump Presidency

On Friday January 20, 2017 Donald Trump will become president of the USA. Here are my suggestions to the Donald so he doesn’t ruin, twist and harm America. We already are great so get rid of the red hat. It’s old and tired by now. Most of us are sick of seeing your signature logo that’s not even made in the USA. Get over your obsession with a wall between the USA and Mexico. Not many people want it but you, the Tea Party Republicans and your bigoted supporters. A wall would be a staggering waste of money. Mexico, one of our largest trading partners, isn’t paying for it. Move on to issues that really concern the USA like our crumbling infrastructure. Maybe you will do something about that. Fix our bridges, tunnels and highways that are in disrepair. The GOP hasn’t seen that as a priority. Now that you Republicans are in control, do something useful besides cut taxes for the rich and up defense spending. And Mr. Trump while you are at it, help the 20 million men, women and children who are now without health insurance. Your party just stranded them without a replacement plan. The GOP didn’t however cancel their government sponsored health insurance. I wonder why? Maybe you know and can give us an answer. Please don’t start a nuclear war and end all mankind. Many of us enjoy our lives. We love our jobs, families, communities, and even our pets. One nuclear blast will not teach an errant leader a lesson. It will end mankind as we know it. Your real estate empire and all your billions Mr. Trump will vanish too. Think about your brash behavior and bold manners before deciding to unleash the most powerful, lethal weapon known to man. No one deserves to die because of your impulsiveness and big mouth. Don’t blow it please. If you really want to serve as commander in chief, listen to your advisers. In this case at least some of them know more than you. Others are idiots just as inept as you. They have no business being nominated and likely to be named as cabinet secretaries. NATO has been a consistent ally since the end of World War II. We need allies. Russia has no allies except for you. Don’t discard our friends. Climate change is real. Melting glaciers, withering drought, epics floods, acidification of the oceans, rising sea levels, etc. are not a hoax. They are real effects from green house gases being pumped into the atmosphere. Your ignorance of climate change is woeful. Do not pull out of the Paris Treaty and others. Woe to the people of the USA. We will get through the next four years (I pray and hope you only serve one term) as stronger more diligent people. We cannot let our country fall back and lose important gains we’ve made with racial, environmental and employment equality as well as decent human rights. Your administration seems hostile to immigrants, the environment, a decent working wage, Muslims, peace, and voting rights for minorities. We won’t stand down, however. Mr. Trump bullied his way to the White House by denigrating Mrs. Clinton and with subversive help from the Russians. We Americans are stronger than you Mr. Trump. We are smart, capable and bright people who will stand united against any illegal, illegitimate or obstructive paths you may try to take us down. The people united can never be divided. I am still not sure how you reached the White House. Like Rep. John Lewis I do not consider you a legitimate president. I ask Allah to keep all of us safe and protected from you and your worrisome crew.

Twenty Three Years Ago Today


January 6, 1994, twenty three years ago today, started as an ordinary day but it ended with me in a ditch, bleeding and unconscious. Nothing has been the same ever since. A car struck me while walking my two dogs after work. My two dogs waited for me to get up and continue their walk. One of them licked the blood oozing from a gash to my face. The ICU admitted me in critical condition. One note said I was “semi-conscious with very limited mobility.” Two weeks later I transferred to a rehab center. By the end of January, I read at the 3rd grade level. My brain was as stale as three day old fruit salad, even though I once read classics, devoured books and read the New York Times every day. My interest in reading had all but vanished. I was afraid I’d be like this forever. Losing part of my mobility was an initial blow because I’d been an active jogger and biker. I ran in dozens of road races, including three marathons. I biked in the Rocky Mountains and hiked in state parks. Initially I had trouble accepting my disability but visits to a group home changed that. I met people who were much worse off than me. Considering I spent time around people who were incapable of feeding themselves it was time to get off the pity pot. I had adjustments to make, lots of them. My brain doesn’t function as well as before. For example, my thoughts and words don’t always mesh. I may not remember your name or how I know you. By evening, I’m not sure what I did that morning. The loss of employment dropped me into near poverty. I’ve scrounged through the trash for aluminum cans to redeem for cash. I water down dish soap to make it last longer and most of my clothing comes from thrift shops. But like the name of the late Maya Angelou’s poem, still I rise. Others live on the edge just like me. There’s no shame in being poor. I found new life through volunteer work. I loved each one of the roles I’ve served in. Maybe there will be more. If it wasn’t for the accident I never would’ve found the time to volunteer as a pet therapist for Gabriel’s Angels, answer the phones in former Gov. Janet Napolitano’s office, helped teach English as a second language to new immigrants, provided comfort to homeless pets, greeted passengers at the airport and so much more. Each of these assignments enriched me in many ways. In 2013 I met a new friend, Diba from Afghanistan, and she introduced me to Islam. Qamar from Somalia guided me too. Two years later, I finally said my Shahada, or declaration of faith. If Allah grants me another day to live, and I hope he does, I am at peace as a Muslim. I am blessed with much more than others although I have so little. Maybe it took a horrific accident to figure this out. I’m really not sure. I am thankful for the past 23 years. I treasure the community surrounding me, the sisters in our Quran group and for so much more. And I am glad I met Diba and Qamar at the airport. I was always like the aimless wanderer, never knowing quite where to go, but always looking for a place to fit in. I finally found that place and I hope I never lose it. Tomorrow isn’t granted to me or anyone else so I make the best of each day, never knowing when it’s all going to end.