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The UK exit vs voting for Trump

The UK just voted to leave the European Union, largely out of anger at the establishment. Did the European Union really fail them or was there a deeper, unspoken reason for the “Brexit” as it became known? Did voters leave because of discrimination against foreigners as well as immigrants from Eastern Europe? Similarly, GOP candidate Donald Trump draws strength from the disaffected, unemployed, uneducated, misinformed, bigoted, angry and disgruntled American citizens who cast blame for all their ills on immigrants, Muslims, women, disabled, and just about anyone else they deem as unfit. Trump seizes upon sensitive issues like the collapse of the coal industry and faults the Democrats when other causes are to blame, such as globalization and competition from clean energy. The UK’s choice may likely lead to job losses, lack of foreign investment, and a shaky stock market. Tourism could be impacted too. But the voters must live with the consequences however dire they may be. US voters should be aware that a vote for Trump may feel good but it will come with disastrous results. A vote for Trump may send a signal that Americans are mad at the government but recall that the GOP controls the Senate and the House. Why then would you vote for the GOP? The UK probably voted out of anger and that vote may lead to self-inflicted harm. A vote for Trump will bring us job losses, a recession, and a greatly diminished place in the world order. It may also lead to internal chaos and civil strife. At the very worst, he may start a world war because of his over-inflated ego. Please Americans don’t vote for Trump if you love this country.