Only you can prevent forest fires and only you can prevent Donald Trump from occupying the White House

Every time I read about one of his grandiose plans if elected president, I have the uncontrollable urge to vomit. He is as qualified to be president as a cadaver yet millions of Americans are blind-sided by his false promises. His shocking rise to power reminds me how Hitler shook down Germany in the 1930s and then led Europe on a murderous rampage that resulted in the gruesome deaths of millions, mostly Jews, and left Europe in smoldering ruins. The ordinary German sucked up Hitler’s sinful shams believing that the Jews were the root of all their problems. Sound familiar? Trump targets Mexicans as fleecing the USA of jobs. If it weren’t for Mexican immigrants the American produce industry would grind to a halt. There would be no one to pick the lettuce and tomatoes for Mr. Trump’s salads. Mr. Trump insists that Muslims immigration should be halted yet almost all the crime in this country is committed by non-Muslims. Mr. Trump now boasts that he will pull out of world-wide climate treaties, bring back lost coal jobs and proceed full speed ahead with the nasty Keystone pipeline. He obviously doesn’t read although he claims he does. Anyone with a lick of sense knows that weather patterns have changed. There is withering drought in the Western USA, floods in the Mid-West and damaging hurricanes. Melting polar icecaps are already flooding some Pacific islands. Coral reefs around the world are bleached due to ocean warming. I could go on but what’s the point? Science doesn’t concern Trump supporters or most Republicans although it should. When their coastal cities are under water, they might reconsider who they supported. Trump has about much tact as a common fly. Imagine him dealing with an erratic leader like Kim Jon Um of North Korea. Both men are short sighted and quick tempered. Picture them in an argument and pushing the button on a nuclear war head? Everything that mankind has worked to build up will be destroyed in an instant. Trump has no manners, intelligence, and no foresight to be the president of the USA. He is crude, rude, and socially inept. He insults women, minorities, and disabled people. So what if he speaks his mind. If that’s all that makes him qualified to be president, then we as a people are doomed to go down in ruins. Shame on us that we were so hateful we believed his wretched lies. I for one am not that stupid. I’m voting Democratic. I’m sorry if you’re foolish enough to soak up his drivel. I pity you more than I despise you. When the USA is in tatters, you’ll wish you’d had opened your weepy little eyes and not drank the Kool-Aid.



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