The world is not falling apart

If you listen to Donald Trump and his supporters the USA has gone to hell and by gosh they’re going to do something about it. You just wait. Trump will clean up Washington DC faster than Mr. Clean. Bernie Sanders claims the economy benefits only the ultra rich. Both men are scaring their way into the White House by alarming people about frightful conditions that actually do not exist. There’s no doubt we have problems in the USA. What country doesn’t? That’s why we elect politicians – to solve problems. If the USA was such a raging inferno that burned its citizens, then why do thousands of immigrants plead to come here every year? And if the USA was such a dreadful place with monstrous conditions, why isn’t there a steady stream of people fleeing, such as we see in Syria? Both men, Sanders and Trump, aren’t exactly telling the truth. The USA is a rather good place to be these days. Unemployment has been low. Job growth has been steady. Pollution, crime, and major diseases are on the decline. According to a report in the NY Times, the average American has a greater chance of being struck by lightning than of being killed in a terror attack. We have freedoms here that most people take for granted. We wake up in the morning, coffee and go to work. People in other parts of the world would sacrifice their life savings for the chance to be a janitor and clean up after us. They dodge bombs every day on the way to find scraps of food to prevent their families from starving to death as we walk our dogs before work. And we think life sucks because Trump and Sanders tell us so. We have one of the best educational systems in the world and so is our health care system. How many people have cell phones? Buy coffee at Starbucks? Own a laptop? See a movie on the weekend? Go shopping? Drive a car? Use the ATM? Many answer yes. Vote in elections? Then the answer is mixed. Statistics say there are 218 million Americans eligible to vote. How many are actually registered? About half that number. Half of all eligible voters care enough about our country to even bother to vote. But I suggest that millions of those who do not vote surely complain about conditions in this country that don’t suit them. The USA doesn’t support higher education in ways that other nations do. That is regrettable. But when voters don’t complain elected officials do as they wish. Younger people have a much lower voting history than older voters. Try to take away Medicare and watch how many seniors deluge Congress with calls, emails and letters. Seniors on wheelchairs and walkers protest outside the White House. Older Americans have a much stronger record of voting than younger people. That’s one of the reasons I suggest Medicare has so far been untouchable and support for higher education has been eroded. Education funding may improve if young people flooded elected officials with demands like seniors do. There are serious issues facing the USA and the world at large. I could do on and on but I won’t. There’s not the time or the space here. My point is simple. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are both guilty of scare tactics to win the White House. Neither one is being sincere. The sky isn’t falling. Americans only have to look inward to explain the rise of Trump. We have an extremely poor history of voting. In the 2012 federal election only 57% of registered voters cast a ballot. That’s an utter disgrace. If you don’t vote then don’t complain. Donald Trump isn’t going to “clean house” as he promises. Bernie Sanders isn’t going to make college tuition free. Politicians have catered to special interests because the American people let them by not voting. It’s time to start caring about the land we call home. And it’s time to stop Trump from calling the White House home. He does not represent the values of decency, courage, honor and bravery that have defined this country for centuries. That’s what has made America and her people great – our values. Donald Trump is not the answer.




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