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Only you can prevent forest fires and only you can prevent Donald Trump from occupying the White House

Every time I read about one of his grandiose plans if elected president, I have the uncontrollable urge to vomit. He is as qualified to be president as a cadaver yet millions of Americans are blind-sided by his false promises. His shocking rise to power reminds me how Hitler shook down Germany in the 1930s and then led Europe on a murderous rampage that resulted in the gruesome deaths of millions, mostly Jews, and left Europe in smoldering ruins. The ordinary German sucked up Hitler’s sinful shams believing that the Jews were the root of all their problems. Sound familiar? Trump targets Mexicans as fleecing the USA of jobs. If it weren’t for Mexican immigrants the American produce industry would grind to a halt. There would be no one to pick the lettuce and tomatoes for Mr. Trump’s salads. Mr. Trump insists that Muslims immigration should be halted yet almost all the crime in this country is committed by non-Muslims. Mr. Trump now boasts that he will pull out of world-wide climate treaties, bring back lost coal jobs and proceed full speed ahead with the nasty Keystone pipeline. He obviously doesn’t read although he claims he does. Anyone with a lick of sense knows that weather patterns have changed. There is withering drought in the Western USA, floods in the Mid-West and damaging hurricanes. Melting polar icecaps are already flooding some Pacific islands. Coral reefs around the world are bleached due to ocean warming. I could go on but what’s the point? Science doesn’t concern Trump supporters or most Republicans although it should. When their coastal cities are under water, they might reconsider who they supported. Trump has about much tact as a common fly. Imagine him dealing with an erratic leader like Kim Jon Um of North Korea. Both men are short sighted and quick tempered. Picture them in an argument and pushing the button on a nuclear war head? Everything that mankind has worked to build up will be destroyed in an instant. Trump has no manners, intelligence, and no foresight to be the president of the USA. He is crude, rude, and socially inept. He insults women, minorities, and disabled people. So what if he speaks his mind. If that’s all that makes him qualified to be president, then we as a people are doomed to go down in ruins. Shame on us that we were so hateful we believed his wretched lies. I for one am not that stupid. I’m voting Democratic. I’m sorry if you’re foolish enough to soak up his drivel. I pity you more than I despise you. When the USA is in tatters, you’ll wish you’d had opened your weepy little eyes and not drank the Kool-Aid.



Islam 101

Last evening I attended yet an interfaith event at the Tempe mosque called Islam 101. At least 150 good people of various faiths attended to learn the true meaning of Islam. What they hear on Fox television is a greatly distorted version. It is rubbish that tarnishes the image of all decent, law abiding Muslims here in the USA and around the world. During the Q&A period a member of the US military said that he often hears how Muslims do not speak out against the militants. That is absolutely false. The media just doesn’t report it. Muslims speak out against ISIS and other extremists all the time. An older woman who hosts foreign exchange students spoke in glowing terms about the Middle Eastern young men for whom she provides temporary housing. The young men call her mother and show her the utmost respect. One young man’s parents came for his graduation and presented this woman with a Quran from Saudi Arabia, which she treasures. Afterwards, the audience shared refreshments and conversation. At sunset, it was time for Magrib, the fourth of five daily Islamic prayers. Everyone was invited to pray with us. I personally love to attend interfaith events. They bring people together in faith, unity, hope and respect. We do not solve all our problems and we still have differences. But interfaith events introduce us to our differences and enable us to talk to each other, not at each other. We meet new friends and bring hope to our community. In the end, we realize that we may worship differently but we are all children of God. We rise by lifting others, not by denigrating them or putting them down. Let me hear an amen for the interfaith events. Please join us for a future event.

Democrats may send Trump to the Big House

Democrat infighting may send Trump to the Big House

What did Bernie Sanders supporters hope to gain recently in Nevada by throwing tantrums upon learning that Hillary Clinton squeaked out a win? Hurling chairs and vile insults at election officials is what one expects of the Donald Trump crowd. I am surprised and disgusted to see Democrats behave like back street gangsters. Is that what’s ahead for the Democratic National Convention? Feral-like screeches from feral-like children? The younger generation should grow up and finally start voting. Their past voting history is deplorable. Don’t believe me? Check the statistics. The current distaste for Hillary Clinton is expected from the Republicans. She’s their nemesis, the candidate to beat. No, most of the trash talking comes from Sanders supporters and dare I suggest it’s made up out of anger. Mrs. Clinton served admirably as first lady, senator from NY and as secretary of state. I read the daily newspaper, magazines and until two years ago, I watched the evening news. (I’ve since turned off the TV). I do not recall much in the way of Clinton bashing. Until now. Sure, some of it’s from the Trump camp but not all of it. I read the posts from alleged progressives who slam Mrs. Clinton with the most vile, repulsive and filthy comments. Shame on you for being no better than a Donald Trump follower. In my view, Sanders is a mouthpiece for the left preaching out of reach lofty goals. Sanders will never deliver free higher education, health care for all or a dismantling of the big banks. You’re a fool if you think he can. Recall that the GOP and some fairly conservative Democrats will still retain a strong foothold in Congress no matter who is elected. Trump’s belligerence as well as ignorance is frightening. So what if he speaks his mind. So do I. So does Michael Jordan, Joe at the barber shop and just about anyone else you meet. Does that mean we’re qualified to be president of the USA? Of course not. Trump is a lackluster businessman with an ego the size of Connecticut. He has no credible plans to steer the US economy to steady job growth and increased international trade. He lacks the ability to handle tense diplomatic relations with China and Russia. He insults people, even the beloved Pope. That’s not how you gain respect at home or around the world. So my dear friends who are diehard Sanders supporters, if you continue to shove the shi.. at Mrs. Clinton, I don’t have much respect for you either. I bet you cannot find two reliable sources to back up your insulting allegations against her. And if you can, then send them to me. I repeat, though, they must be two reliable sources. Remember, too, that Sanders and Clinton voted together on most issues about 93% of the time. Their positions aren’t that far apart. If disgruntled Sanders supporters elect Donald Trump, it’s time for me to leave the Democratic Party and become a Republican. Yes indeed, you heard it first. I will not remain associated with the idiot backstabbers who let that train wreck happen. Hillary Clinton is a politician, just like any other politician including Bernie Sanders. They all take money from lobbyists including Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Hillary Clinton is a capitalist. How many Republicans do you think will vote for a socialist? Imagine the front page headlines? GOP helps elect Clinton while Democrats collapse in the final stretch.




The world is not falling apart

If you listen to Donald Trump and his supporters the USA has gone to hell and by gosh they’re going to do something about it. You just wait. Trump will clean up Washington DC faster than Mr. Clean. Bernie Sanders claims the economy benefits only the ultra rich. Both men are scaring their way into the White House by alarming people about frightful conditions that actually do not exist. There’s no doubt we have problems in the USA. What country doesn’t? That’s why we elect politicians – to solve problems. If the USA was such a raging inferno that burned its citizens, then why do thousands of immigrants plead to come here every year? And if the USA was such a dreadful place with monstrous conditions, why isn’t there a steady stream of people fleeing, such as we see in Syria? Both men, Sanders and Trump, aren’t exactly telling the truth. The USA is a rather good place to be these days. Unemployment has been low. Job growth has been steady. Pollution, crime, and major diseases are on the decline. According to a report in the NY Times, the average American has a greater chance of being struck by lightning than of being killed in a terror attack. We have freedoms here that most people take for granted. We wake up in the morning, coffee and go to work. People in other parts of the world would sacrifice their life savings for the chance to be a janitor and clean up after us. They dodge bombs every day on the way to find scraps of food to prevent their families from starving to death as we walk our dogs before work. And we think life sucks because Trump and Sanders tell us so. We have one of the best educational systems in the world and so is our health care system. How many people have cell phones? Buy coffee at Starbucks? Own a laptop? See a movie on the weekend? Go shopping? Drive a car? Use the ATM? Many answer yes. Vote in elections? Then the answer is mixed. Statistics say there are 218 million Americans eligible to vote. How many are actually registered? About half that number. Half of all eligible voters care enough about our country to even bother to vote. But I suggest that millions of those who do not vote surely complain about conditions in this country that don’t suit them. The USA doesn’t support higher education in ways that other nations do. That is regrettable. But when voters don’t complain elected officials do as they wish. Younger people have a much lower voting history than older voters. Try to take away Medicare and watch how many seniors deluge Congress with calls, emails and letters. Seniors on wheelchairs and walkers protest outside the White House. Older Americans have a much stronger record of voting than younger people. That’s one of the reasons I suggest Medicare has so far been untouchable and support for higher education has been eroded. Education funding may improve if young people flooded elected officials with demands like seniors do. There are serious issues facing the USA and the world at large. I could do on and on but I won’t. There’s not the time or the space here. My point is simple. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are both guilty of scare tactics to win the White House. Neither one is being sincere. The sky isn’t falling. Americans only have to look inward to explain the rise of Trump. We have an extremely poor history of voting. In the 2012 federal election only 57% of registered voters cast a ballot. That’s an utter disgrace. If you don’t vote then don’t complain. Donald Trump isn’t going to “clean house” as he promises. Bernie Sanders isn’t going to make college tuition free. Politicians have catered to special interests because the American people let them by not voting. It’s time to start caring about the land we call home. And it’s time to stop Trump from calling the White House home. He does not represent the values of decency, courage, honor and bravery that have defined this country for centuries. That’s what has made America and her people great – our values. Donald Trump is not the answer.