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Beating Donald Trump

Who would have thought the Grand Old Party, also known as Republicans, would hand the presidential nomination to an unapologetic bigot with the smarts of three day old egg salad. Isn’t that both dumb as well as shocking? Legions of men and women giddy with excitement thump their chests proclaiming that he’s our man. Pity these woeful creatures for they know not what they’re rooting for. They clamor for change because of Congressional gridlock. That’s quite understandable. I want change too but with Trump there will be plenty of change, blistering, disfiguring and damaging change. With Trump as president our great nation will transform into a buffoonery. Cabinet posts will be doled out to men with enough competence to raise cockroaches. Foreign policy will be handled by idiots who think the Bay of Pigs is home to swine. Dealing with heads of state, especially those who can be unstable, testy, mean and downright unyielding, takes a man or woman with intelligence, tact, patience, and skill, qualities that Trump sorely lacks. The USA is heavily nuclear armed. Once you launch a nuclear weapon, there’s no turning back. The results will be catastrophic with the potential to end life on this planet as we know it. Do you want a man as rowdy and raucous as Trump as commander in chief of the US military, able to give the order to start the unthinkable? Just digest that for a minute. The Klu Klu Klan America’s own version of ISIS is a militant, armed, dangerous, violent and hateful terrorist group that despises Blacks, Jews among others. They regularly show up at Trump rallies. Do you want this man to represent the USA and our values? So how do we good, decent people prevent Trump from occupying the White House? Easy. Register to vote. Encourage your family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else you know to do the same. Plan to vote in the fall for the Democratic candidate. Secondly, stop squabbling about Sanders and Clinton. Neither candidate is perfect. But the nasty vitriolic smear campaign I see floating around Facebook and the internet is disturbing. There’s no way Sanders can bring Medicare to every American citizen nor can he make college tuition free. It’s not just going to happen. Clinton may be too cozy with Wall Street but why all the rubbish being tossed about her now? She served as first lady for eight years. She was a US senator in addition to Secretary of State. Why now all the harshness about her now? Dare I suggest it’s from disgruntled Sanders supporters? Let’s get our act together and not fall apart. If we collapse then Trump wins. We Democrats have to support either Clinton or Sanders. To Sanders supporters, knock off the smug self-serving threats that you won’t support Clinton if she wins the nomination. I’ve had enough of your endless drivel. To Clinton supporters, stop with the idle threats if Sanders win. It’s time to stand united. Otherwise, we might as well say goodbye to the USA and the rest of the free world. That pond scum will win the election if we act like childish ninnies and whine because our candidate lost.


Where’s the outrage

Donald Trump’s candidacy has not only proven he is dumb as stones but he has uncovered an angry nation simmering with rage. Trump isn’t the answer to our myriad problems (social, political and economic) that we helped to cause. Yes, we the American people are partially responsible for the likes of Donald Trump and his uncouth, bigoted, ill behaved and uninformed faithful. Why? Take the 2014 election for example. Only 35% of all registered voters cast a ballot. That’s an appalling disgrace. Imagine how many millions of Americans, both native born and naturalized, aren’t even registered. If you don’t vote then don’t complain. I wonder how many registered voters follow Trump. The often heard argument against voting is the lack of qualified candidates. That’s why inept, over-zealous, un-qualified and strident candidates win elections because of apathetic citizens who cannot be bothered. It’s time to be bothered. We at least have the right to vote for more than one candidate and voting is free. It is our legal right to vote (at least for now) although there are efforts at voter suppression. Who have the Cubans been able to vote for? The Syrians? And so on. In Saudi Arabia women cannot vote. We take our rights far too lightly.

In the 1960s, there was widespread national outrage at the Viet Nam war where the US dropped napalm bombs on women and children in the name of democracy. Blacks and their supporters waged a relentless battle against the rancid ugliness of legal, yes legal, segregation. Thousands of people, mostly young Americans, took to the streets to stop the Viet Nam war and to end discriminatory laws against Blacks. Americans were not afraid then to show their outrage against injustices at home and abroad.

Now far too many express their stupidity instead of their moral outrage by supporting Donald Trump and his empty promises. They are understandably angry about the loss of jobs but denigrating others because of the systematic failure of government is downright wrong. It’s also plain ignorance. Don’t blame immigrants or unions for corporate greed. It’s not their fault. Immigrants come to the USA for the same reasons Europeans arrived by the boat load starting in 1492 – a better life. Unions fight for decent working conditions. What’s wrong with that?

Instead of shouting obscenities at Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, union members, Democrats, gays, women, and whoever else Trumps orders them to, his followers should educate themselves about economics, social issues, politics, foreign affairs and current news (not just what’s on Fox media). Instead of spitting out hatred, which serves no useful purpose, be outraged by the lobbyist’s chokehold on our Congress. Be outraged by corporations that reap generous tax benefits then suck the life out of a small town by closing the factory and sending jobs overseas. Be outraged by politicians that represent the interests of private businesses and not of their constituents. How often does that happen? A lot. Be outraged that we invade foreign nations when it’s none of our business, leaving them in shambles to pick up the pieces. Be outraged that we prop up dictators for our own selfish needs. What’s our oil doing under their sand anyway? How else can we satisfy the massive US war machine, a war machine that employs thousands of Americans and reaps millions in sickening profits off of death and destruction financed by the US government? Isn’t that disgusting? Be outraged that most Americans who file bankruptcy have health insurance? Be outraged that the US has the highest prison population in the world. Be outraged that the private prison industry is a major employer in the USA; a growth industry creating jobs by locking people up for petty offenses. Be outraged that students graduate shouldering tens of thousands of dollars in debt that may not be paid off until they retire. How awful is that? Be outraged that state and federal governments would rather hand out tax cuts to the wealthy, as if they need them, instead of supporting education. Be outraged that our government is more concerned over the unborn and lets poor children eat in soup kitchens. That’s the pro life movement for you.

Be outraged that we let a man like Donald Trump gain so much traction because of our own inaction. Be outraged enough by his filthy mouth, his vile behavior and his total inability to serve as president that you register to vote. Vote for the Democratic candidate. Clinton or Sanders are not perfect candidates but one or the other is a saner choice than Trump. Be outraged enough to save our country from the throes of despair and possible world war. Trump is not going to make America great again because we Americans are already great. He’s shaming us around the world. Vote for the Democrats. Be outraged enough to pay attention to what’s happening around you. Don’t vote for Trump and seal America’s doom.