It’s always someone, isn’t it?

Not too long ago, we Americans, especially here in Arizona, blamed the Mexicans for all that went wrong. Lost your job? Blame the Mexicans. Waited a long time in the emergency room? Blame the Mexicans. Developed a leak in the attic? Blame the Mexicans. Before the Mexicans, who did we hold culpable for what went wrong? The Jews? Italians? Greeks? Cubans? The family dog? Blacks. Of course, how could I forget the Blacks. They were responsible for so many of our problems, even though they were brought here as slaves starting in 1619, worked from sun up to sun down on plantations six days a week, under pitiful conditions and for merciless overseers. They were beaten, whipped, raped and often killed for trivial reasons or no reason at all. Yet we held them culpable for miserable social conditions that we aided and abetted. We shoved them into ghettoes and legalized segregation. Many were darn proud of it too. Now it’s Muslims. Undoubtedly, the bad boys and girls known as ISIS are a cruel, wretched bunch, who perpetuate unspeakable crimes that shock and stun everyone. Most of their victims however are fellow Muslims – men, women and children who do the unforgivable like smoke cigarettes, have a few hairs sticking out from their hijabs or watch television. Refugees, especially Muslims, are desperate to escape from their abject barbarity. Like anyone, Muslim immigrants, especially the Syrians and Iraqis, want to live in peace. They want to wake up in the morning, enjoy a quiet breakfast with family and send their children off to school. They want jobs to pay their own way. No one wants a handout. And for this we condemn them as if they were the wicked extremists. To seethe with revenge against these immigrants is narrow-minded, shameful and just plain wrong. All White Americans descend from undocumented immigrants. Yes, that is indeed a fact. European settlers first started to arrive on this continent in 1492 fleeing from poverty and persecution, much the same reasons that immigrants still come here. The Indians living here weren’t responsible for the unrest shaking Europe at the time but the settlers took their land anyway. Was that right? No, of course not. We cannot turn back time to undo the injustices to the Indians but we can be compassionate and caring to today’s immigrants, wherever they are from. Don’t be ruthless or heartless. Fight hatred with a healthy dose of love. Drive out darkness with light. And if you’re sitting on the wrong side of the tracks, then do me a favor. Take yourself off my Facebook friends list. We really have nothing in common.


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