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Ask the great Harriet

Ask the Great Harriet

Finest Feline in all of Arizona

Hello Harriet,

My owner Helen bought me new cat litter, not the no-clump kind I’m used to. I don’t particularly like this stuff. What’s a persnickety cat like me to do?

Sheldon, Mesa AZ

Dear Sheldon,

The Great Harriet understands your litter box blues. Let me ask you this Sheldon. Was your owner laid off? Was she recently divorced? If she’s scrimping on cat litter to pay rent, then be tolerant. She’s trying to make ends meet. But if she’s just being a cheapskate, then mewl loudly every chance you get. Let her know the chintzy brand isn’t acceptable for a cat with fine tastes such as yours. Hope that helps,

The Great Harriet

Dear Harriet,

I have a problem. My owner Danny has a new girlfriend who doesn’t like cats. She demands that he lock me in the basement when she comes over, which lately has been all the time. I don’t like it down there. It’s dank, breezy and I miss Danny’s company. I’m worried that Danny will give me away. What should I do?

Ripley, Bisbee AZ

Dear Ripley,

The Great Harriet says the relationship won’t last. Anyone who doesn’t understand the animal/human bond is selfish. But my opinions don’t help your immediate situation. Be extra nice when Danny your owner lets you back upstairs. Brush up against his leg. Purr for affection. Lay it on thick. Make yourself so irresistible that he can’t possibly give you up. See where I’m going? Keep the Great Harriet informed. Good luck Ripley.

The Great Harriet

More Great Harriet to come